All of Our Artisans Are
Descendants From Native
American Apache,
Cherokee, Pueblo, and
Mohawk Indians and Most
Are on Tribal Roles.
Shipping is Free For All Jewelry
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklaces p. 1
Rare Turquoise Direct From the Globe Mine
All Jewelry is Handcrafted
What is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise?
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is only mined at the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe,
Arizona. It has long been extremely valuable a the finest turquoise in the world.
Because of this the price is high and the mine is nearly depleted, making it rare.
The turquoise on these pages is the rare turquoise mined from this mine. Famous
for its unique color and quality and considered the best in the industry, the prices
are high, but we are offering the hand made, finished Native jewelry at the lowest
possible prices.
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