Most pygmy goat owners have found pygmy goats to be very social animals. In scientific studies, it has
been verified that social isolation induces negative behavioral and vocalisation responses in the pygmy
goats. In partially isolated goats, permanent sensory feedback from their adjacent pen mates (acoustic
and olfactory contact) facilitates an active response pattern, increases behavioral arousal and supports
socially motivated efforts to get to the other pygmy goats.

In contrast, complete isolation appears to lead to a loss of control, probably due to a higher level of
emotional distress, fear and frustration. The results of scientific studies provide support for the idea that
specific measures of vocal quality are a valuable tool for evaluating affective-related behavior in
animals. Scientists also demonstrated that social isolation impairs animal welfare. Pygmy goats need to
have a pen mate. If another pygmy goat is unavailable then, they will bond to sheep or horses. If kept
alone, they will experience health problems, lose weight and produce less milk.
Three pygmy goats
Scientists have learned that Pygmy
goat mothers have an instinctive
drive to protect their babies and the
group they belong to. Pygmy
mothers can recognize the cries of
their weaned kids even if they have
been separated from them for over
a year.
The mothers have a strong need to remain with their group, however, if they hear the cry from offspring
born the previous year, they try to reunite with them even if it means leaving young babies and their
group behind. If they have a choice between going to protect young kids born to other mothers in the
group or to return to their older offspring, they will choose their older offspring. They have strong
memories for their previous offspring which is not commonly seen in other livestock.
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