The Natural Habit of the Pygmy Goat

Pygmy goats (Capra hicus) originated in Africa and were first imported into the USA in the 1950s. These
dwarf goats have gained popularity as pets, as milk and meat producers, and as inhabitants of many
petting zoos over the past 60 years. A nationwide survey of children’s zoo staff and visitors revealed that
pygmy goats are the most popular petting zoo animal because of their eagerness to interact with
children and adults alike.

The Nigerian dwarf goat is native to West African. Its native habitat is the humid and sub-humid zones of
Nigeria. They are characterized by small size and variable colors. The mature body weight of the pygmy
goat varies between 40 and 50 pounds. In West Africa they are frequently left to roam freely,
scavenging for grasses, browsing plants, and consuming kitchen and food-processing wastes in their
native environment, while returning to the homestead at dusk where minimum shelter is provided.

The Nigerian dwarf goat is known to be hardy, and possess the ability to survive, adapt, and reproduce
under harsh conditions and this is believed to be the result of its origins in the harsh African
environment. It is believed that coat color and various breed characteristics also provided these goats
with unique abilities to survive.
Herd of pygmy goats in Africa.
Above: A Farmer in Africa With Pygmy Goats
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