All of Our Artisans Are
Descendants From Native
American Apache,
Cherokee, Pueblo, and
Mohawk Indians. Most are
on tribal roles.
How Did the Apache Tear Symbol Begin?
The use of the teardrop symbol in Apache jewelry
comes from a battle fought between the Apache and US
Calvary on top of a mountain near Superior, Arizona in
1872. A large contingent of soldiers squared off with
75 Apache braves.

Unwilling to surrender, the surrounded Apaches proudly
rode their horses off a cliff. When the Apache women
learned of the warrior's deaths, they cried for days.
As the tears fell to the ground, it is said that they
turned to stone in the shape of teardrops. Onyx or
obsidian became common in Apache necklaces and are
said to bring good luck to the wearer “forever.”
Apache Silver, Gemstone & Teardrop Necklaces pg1
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